Monday, November 12, 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit - 12 weeks program - Week2

2nd Week Update: I am very happy. I completed this week without any skips. I am travelling this weekend so I have to skip Monday next week.

I started adding 10 min warmup cardio before workout and 10 min cardio after workout to burn some fat, as its the best time to do cardio after strength training. Program suggests no cardio for 1st phase, but I wanted to do for short periods to boost my calorie burn. I have burned off around 3000 calories a day during the worked out days this week. I ate about 2000 calories a day though.

DAY-11 /Monday, Nov 5th 2012

Completed Week2 Day8 workouts.
DAY-12 /Tuesday, Nov 6th 2012

Completed Week2 Day9 workouts.

DAY-13 /Wednesday, Nov 7th 2012

Completed Week2 Day10 workouts.

DAY-14 /Thursday, Nov 8th 2012

Completed Week2 Day11 workouts.

DAY-15 /Friday, Nov 9th 2012

Week2 Day12 is Rest day according to Program.

DAY-16 /Saturday, Nov 10th 2012

Week2 Day13 is Rest day according to Program.

DAY-17 /Sunday, Nov 11th 2012

Week2 Day14 is Rest day according to Program.

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