Monday, January 30, 2012

Cake Decorating Basics

I love baking cakes, more so, decorating them. Learning cake decorating has been in my Bucket List for so long :) I have tried my hand on cake decorating, including fondant/gum paste decorating. Below are some pics of my previous cakes.

But I wanted them to look more professional. So, finally, now that I have some time to spare for personal interests, I signed up for these classes at local Michaels store. I thought it would be a vigorous course, but they teach you basics and give you an instruction book, rest of it is your imagination and practice. Our instructor was awesome. Though I missed the first class she taught all the basics from that class sparing extra time for me. Here is what I created in this course. Still not professional looking, but now I know how to pipe rosettes, shaggy mums, roses and much more.

We also decorated some Cupcakes and another cake, which I will update in this post later. Decorating part was really fun, but cleanup is tedious. Buttercream, with vegetable shortening (CRISCO) is very greasy. I don't like the taste of the frosting with Crisco anyway. I tried with butter, but it is too heavy for my palette and my whole family's. I tried making a whipped frosting with heavy whipping cream, but it doesn't hold shape very much. I am still in search of the prefect whipped cream frosting recipe. You know, the one used in Indian pastries, like the pastries you get in Hot Breads (yum!). If any of you have this recipe or one that you have tried and liked, please share.