Monday, November 10, 2008

What COLLECTORS are called...

Do you have a hobby of collecting something? Do you know what you are called?

  • The name for a teddy bear collector is archtophilist or arctophile.
  • Collectors of dolls are called plangonologists.
  • A collector of paper money, coins, tokens, and related objects is called a numismatist.
  • A collector of paper money is called a notaphilist.
  • A labeorphilist is a collector of beer bottles.
  • A collector of butterflies is called a lepidopterist.
  • Conchologists collect animal shells.
  • A collector of matchbooks and matchbook covers is a phillumenist.
  • A collector of antiques is an antiquarian.
  • If you collect obsidian and syenite you are called a rock hound.
  • A scripophilist collects old stocks and bonds.
  • A stamp collector is called a philatelist.
  • A pernalogist is a collector of pearls.
  • Cinephiles are film collectors.
  • A bibiophilist collects books.
  • A copoclephilist collects key rings.
  • A deltiologist collects post cards.
  • A collector of hi-fi equipment is called an audiophile
  • Spermologist collect seeds.
  • A spermologer is one who collects Trivia (this from the original Trivial Pursuit game).
  • A Heortologist collects religious calenders.
  • A Collector of walking sticks is a rabdophilist.
  • Signopaginophile is a collector of bookmarks - but note this is a french word - not sure if it is commonly used in english
  • Collector of bookmarks is a signopaginophile or signetophile
  • Chartasignopaginophile (also french) is a collector of bookmarks made of paper

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